I WAS pleased to read that the pupils of Wyvern Academy will be treated to a live performance of Snow White. I am sure they will enjoy it. I am a great fan of fairytales, and have loved Disney films ever since the first screenings of Bambi and Snow White. The stories, portrayed in wonderful Technicolour, were just what were needed to lift the spirits of children during the grey days of war.

I wept with Bambi and thought that Snow White was utterly beautiful. I had learned almost all of the songs;

my mother fashioned some sort of cloak and puffy sleeves for me, and with a ribbon in my hair I became my heroine, ready to play the part, but - I needed a wishing well. What could I use? I had an idea and was happily warbling for a prince to come when I was rudely interrupted by a hoot of laughter from one of my brothers. ‘Come and look at Susie!’ he cried, ‘she’s got her head down the lavatory pan, singing ‘I’m wishing!’

I never lived it down. It became a family joke which persisted for years, shared among aunts, uncles and cousins. Well, it was an enterprising effort, you could call it part of the War Effort.

Susan Gow

Ringstead Crescent