AFTER a winter with no snow, teenagers in January 1975 went skiing on a farm in the Dorset countryside.

More than 100 youngsters took part in the phenomenon of ‘grass skiing’, which was first introduced to the county by Lieutenant-Colonel and local farmer Robin Morris, of Sydling St Nicholas.

Mr Morris set up a 100m slope in a nearby field, which had short grass and was free from flints and stones.

Special skis were required, which work on a roller system, and participants used broom-handles to steady their journey downhill.

The Echo reported: “Several of those taking part had never skied before but when the session finished found that were able to make the whole journey without any mishaps. Others, who had already done snow skiing, found they were able to perform most of the manoeuvres usually carried out on snow.”

Along with the thrills were also the tumbles, but the only injury reported was that of Lieutenant-Colonel Morris’ daughter:14-year-old Gigi sprained her wrist and had to have an X-ray at Dorchester Hospital.

The Echo also reported that given the success of the day, Lieutenant-Colonel Morris would like to see the sport held at various venues around Dorset – “a sort of travelling circus moving from one site to another.”