A new scheme, enabling Bridport residents to reduce their fuel bills whilst supporting locally-produced green energy, is set to become the first of its kind operating in England.

Energy Local Bridport, which launches this week, will enable local people to benefit from the green electricity generated by the wind turbine at Salway Ash at a reduced price.

Electricity generated by the turbine is exported and sold for 6p/kWh, while people living in Bridport buy it back through their regular electricity tariff for upwards of 15p/kWh. The Energy Local scheme creates a local market for the wind energy for a mid-price, around 9p/kWh, benefitting both the consumer and the renewable energy generator.

The scheme, which is being set up by local non-profit Dorset Community Energy (DCE) in partnership with Energy Local CIC, will create a co-operative for a local energy market, the Bridport Energy Local Club.

DCE is looking for an initial 50-70 households in Bridport and the surrounding areas to join the Energy Local scheme. Households that join the Club will have a smart meter fitted, which tracks when they are using electricity and how much. If they use electricity at the same time that the wind turbine is generating, they will pay the agreed ‘match’ price for the electricity. The energy supplier (in this case Octopus Energy) provides the extra power for when the wind turbine isn’t generating enough, and is also responsible for metering and billing.

DCE Secretary Pete West said: “We’re really excited about this new project. Renewable energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels and local people should be able to benefit from cheaper clean energy.”

Peter Bailey, owner of the wind turbine that is powering the project said: “I am pleased to be involved in this great opportunity that will benefit our local community.”

Find out more about the scheme and register online with no obligation at energylocal.org.uk.