MANY of you remember the 'little Ice Age' we referred to in Looking Back two weeks ago - Christmas 1962 when towns and villages were cut off because of heavy snow.

Alan Wolsey, whose father Roy, ran Duke and Son fruit merchants in Weymouth, phoned in to tell us of the struggle his dad faced getting fruit and vegetables to customers during the great freeze of 1962/63.

"He couldn't get the stuff through from the supplier because of the snow," Alan remembers.

"In the end he sourced it from Woodsford near Crossways. They stored things in an aerodrome shed out there.

"My dad was determined that people would be able to have their potatoes on their plate on a Sunday."

And thanks to all the readers of Dorset Echo online who have shared their memories of the AA-dubbed 'little ice age.'

'Famous Francis' said: "I can still remember it very well. The snow lasted weeks."

Robert Court recalls: "As I lived about 25 yards away from the main gate of the company I worked at as a young lad, I didn't have an excuse for not getting to work on time though. Still, I did manage to build and use a sledge. I can't remember that we thought the snow was anything really unusual or special. It was just lots of snow at last."

'Rjimmer' says: "I remember cycling across Radipole Lake and seeing the last of the snow under a hedge at Southill in the first week of May."

'Firelighter' shared the following: "I was 5 at the time and clearly remember my father opening the front door in Fernhill Avenue and seeing a wall of snow blocking the way out. If I remember, the next bad winter in Weymouth wasn't until 1981. Snow was a rarity growing up in Weymouth in the 60/70s."