IF PRINCE Harry is to be believed, the whole sorry Sussex Saga came about because of a desire for he and Meghan to escape the spotlight.

So why, on Sunday night did an obviously embittered Harry arrange a ‘private’ gathering (from which the press were excluded) at which he delivered to a gathering of friends, an almost tearful account (the truth’, according to him) of how the negotiations over his future had gone – full details of which were then immediately posted on the privacy-seeking (?) couple’s Instagram blog for the edification of their small ‘private’ group of three-million-plus followers?

Something just doesn’t ring true here.

What the Sussexes wanted was to be ‘royal’ when it suited them – Royal Light, I suppose one could call it.

I cannot escape feeling that the ‘bombshell’ dropped by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just two short weeks ago will come back to bite them

A classic example of acting in haste,repenting at leisure.

Watch this space folks!

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