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Screaming women, radical marches and man-hating.

For me, feminism had always seemed overdone, female backlash burnt to a frazzle as men slowly became the victims of extreme hate.

The truth is, I had never been repressed because of my gender.

Never felt limited because of my biological makeup.

I was born to parents who allowed me to thrive and did not constrict me because I am a girl. Yet so many women have not been as fortunate as me.

Even within our society sexual inequality is rife.

In the workplace women are subject to the gender pay gap, liable to smack their head on a glass ceiling if promoted too high and refused jobs based on their ability to get pregnant.

Men suffer from sexual inequality in equal amounts.

Due to men feeling unable to reach out for help, told to “take it like a man” their suicide rates are three-fold compared to women’s.

Men are far less likely to win custody of a child because they are seen as less caring than a mother.

The truth our society needs to come to grips with is that every voice is valuable- whether it breaks during puberty or not.

We need to raise boys who understand that strength is not shown through a fist and lack of emotion.

We should teach girls that submission is not a personality trait.

I never understood feminism, thinking it to be an explosive hate between genders.

It’s actually about the appreciation of all genders and seeing them as equal in every aspect of life.

By Becca Sebire