Another cliff fall has hit the coast.

A large section of the cliff has fallen on West Bay's East Beach.

Resident Ian Hufton was walking on FRiday morning morning when he saw it.

He said at the time: "I was walking my ultra-inquisitive Deerhounds this morning and I think we all stopped and stared for a bit thinking wow that’s a big one.

"I saw it about 8.30am. I walk there most mornings. 

"I didn’t go up that far yesterday but I would’ve noticed it because of the size.

"I spoke to two ladies walking this morning and they said it wasn’t there yesterday.

"You can clearly see the topsoil & grass at the top so I would imagine the path is a little closer to the edge now."

When walking on or near the coast, advice is as follows:

* Stay away from the edge of the cliff top - admire the view from a safe distance

* Stay away from the base of cliffs: rock falls and landslides can happen at any time

* If the cliff is 25 metres high, don’t go closer than 25 metres towards it

* Pay attention to warning signs – they are there for your safety

* Check tide times before you set off to avoid being cut off by incoming tides

* Be aware of mud flows extending across the beaches – don’t get stuck

* Keep dogs on leads near the cliff edge

* Enjoy the open spaces and keep well clear of the cliffs

* Beware of steep, shelving beaches and large waves

* Don't hammer into the cliffs or solid rock looking for fossils