I AM a regular visitor to Portland as a close friend has moved here and we regularly walk the length and breadth of the island.

I love the area and look forward to my visits, and have started to bring my grandson.

I am therefore dismayed on this visit to find that people are increasingly allowing their dogs to foul the footpaths, therefore making a routine walk a risky business with an enthusiastic five year old.

A kind couple of walkers even warned us what was ahead on our walk in case the said child trod in it.

As there are not a lot of visitors in the area at this time of year, one can only assume that local people are allowing their dogs to foul their own footpaths under the cover of darkness.

Apart from being against the law; what a shame that such a beautiful area should be spoilt by such a lack of consideration and pride.

On reflection, if there is an excuse, I don’t remember seeing any bins for dog waste as we walk around.

I’m sure they are there but not clear for anyone to see.

This is such a beautiful area, with plenty of walks to enjoy.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to keep my eye on the view and the countryside rather that what’s underfoot.

Pauline Durham