A woman says she’s 'not impressed' after thieves drilled two holes into her car’s fuel tank to steal around £30 worth of fuel.

She now has to pay out £500 to fix the damages and said she would have given the fuel to them if they had asked.

She also branded the thieves as ‘desperate’.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “For the sake of £30 worth of fuel I have to pay out £500 for a new tank. The inconvenience of it.

“I know it’s a bit expensive for fuel, but it’s expensive for everyone.

“It seems a lot of trouble to go through to steal not much fuel. It seems a bit desperate.

“I would have given it to them if they had asked, it would have been of less inconvenience to me.”

The woman, who lives on Knightsdale Road in Weymouth, said there was around ¾ of a tank of fuel left before the incident.

She explained: “I parked the car normally in the evening then went to work in the morning.

“The car started fine. I then got halfway down the road and it stalled. There was a little bit of fuel in the system, but the fuel light was flashing.”

She then called the RAC because she wasn’t sure if there was a problem with the car’s fuel tank.

“I wasn’t going anywhere and needed the car sorting out, so I called the RAC” she explained.

She added: “The man looked under the car and he showed me two holes which had been drilled into the fuel tank.

“I was really surprised. I’m not impressed at all. It could have been a lot worse, but at least I wasn’t far from home.

“Imagine if I had gone further into traffic.”

The woman says she wants to warn other motorists to ‘stay vigilant’ as she has heard of other incidents of fuel theft in the area.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said they received a report at 2.06pm on Thursday, January 23 of theft of petrol from a car on Knightsdale Road in Weymouth.

He said: “The victim went to drive her car at around 9am when she discovered there was no fuel in it.

“It is reported that there were two drill holes in the tank.

“Enquiries are ongoing into the report. No arrests have been made.”