Responding to the letter from Ron Kirby (Echo, 29 January) and indeed others of the same persuasion, as an unrepentant 'Remainer', I won't be celebrating our departure from the EU on 31 January with the banging of saucepans, the letting off of fireworks or otherwise.

I had thought, as one of the nearly 50 per cent and growing who doesn't support this, for my mind, misplaced view, that our membership of the largest trading block in the world (which has brought this nation peace, growth and prosperity for over 40 years) is complete folly, that I should put on my hair shirt and parade on my knees through the streets of Dorchester, repentant and seeking forgiveness for the error of my ways.

However, on reflection, with humility and goodwill, I wish Ron and his friends well and hope for all our sakes that their dreams now come true.

Richard Baker

Queens Avenue