MR Denton-White's letter (Letters, Friday) would seem to place him, somewhat unfortunately, in a similar sorry spot as Mr Grant (Letters, Tuesday January 28) suffering from selective syndrome, in the case of Mr. Grant, selective memory, in Mr Denton-White's case, selective hearing or sight.

In common with most other Leavers, I do not have a hatred of Europe as Mr Denton-White claims. On the contrary, I love Europe and have over many years with much work and holiday experience, found the many countries from the west to the east of the continent to contain delights of both people and place. I and others have written and stated this, even in this paper, on many occasions. What I and other Leavers object to is simply the dictatorial ways of the EU as it has now morphed, having become an un-democratic super-state with it's concomitant removal of sovereignty from my nation, the UK.

Mr Varadkar, Taoiseach of Eire, recently disparagingly referred to the UK as a small country following our withdrawal from the EU. With similar short-sightedness to that of Mr Denton-White, he was able to overlook the fact that more people of Irish descent live here in the UK than live in Ireland. A similar conclusion could be drawn in the case of the Scottish Nationalist position on repetitive pleas for yet another withdrawal referendum.

This sensible Leave analysis of the problems now becoming ever more acute in the EU, is not born of hatred or dislike of others or countries. It is no more than a desire to regain democracy and sovereignty. Some may disagree with my layman's diagnosis of various syndromes; I'm just beginning to think it may be a case of persecution complex; hum......

Ron Hill