Mr Hill (Letters January 30) spends much of his letter complaining that Leavers have been vilified, quoting the “pot calling the kettle black” proverb, and the rest of it doing exactly the same to a previous correspondent.

In a proper debate, both sides marshal arguments, and opponents can be as rude about each other’s arguments as they wish, because these should be based on criteria that can be questioned, verified, or disproved. Opinions are just that - opinions, not facts. They can be hyperbolic, highly offensive (“snivelling and grovelling surrender”) and generate heat, but no light. As any Remainer who has expressed concerns and been called a “whinger” knows, name calling just shuts down debate.

If Mr Hill feels he has indeed been unfairly accused of opinions he does not hold, he can take consolation in remembering that name calling and unsubstantiated accusations are the last resort of those who have no arguments to muster.

Christine Tempest

Romulus Close