QUITE a few people have been asking me if I am well because I haven’t contributed to your letters columns lately. It would be helpful if I could explain the reasons why.

It’s partly because I’m suffering from ‘post-nationalistic’ depression but mainly due to the deplorable quality of factless debate exemplified by Mr Ron Hill and accurately described by Christine Tempest. I’m sure this now deters people with something important to say about important issues like for instance the thousands dying in our ‘developed’ country and tens of thousands now out of work due to Brexit.

Regarding the weekend Brexit celebrations, I found the absence of younger people on the streets quite informative; they had more to lose than their retired grandparents and great grandparents like me who have led fulfilling lives and are sitting in their own houses with no money problems and like Mr Kirby smugly carping with delight in the chaos. He may well finish up with a ‘wooden’ spoon! He deserves one!

Mike Joslin