RON Hill’s and his pro-Brexit colleagues’ selective memory (Letters, January3 0) must be answered to put the record straight. Leavers can’t deny that xenophobic sentiment had a large part to play in propelling Britain out of membership of the European Union. I have nothing but contempt for those who have wrapped themselves in the Union Jack to pour scorn on ‘foreigners’.......I’ve been a witness to it myself on Dorset’s streets, sometimes reducing people, who have every right to live here, to tears. I always challenge this hateful abuse head on. Ending Freedom of Movement isn’t going to help one iota. In my view everyone who works, pays their taxes and contributes to their local community has every right to full citizenship including the right to educate their children here and vote in every election.

In electoral reality those who voted for remaining in the EU won the argument by 16 million votes to 13 million on December 12 last year, but our malfunctioning First Past the Vote system ensured that the Tories and the Brexit Party won the argument putting in jeopardy the United Kingdom’s unity, Northern Ireland’s political stability, Gibraltar’s British heritage and most importantly the future opportunities of generation Z to live, work and love in Europe. It also put on the line our shared values with our European neighbours of co-operation, internationalism and mutual tolerance.

I have no doubt that eventually Britain will have the collective big heartedness and wisdom to return to the European union of nations, fully self confident in its new reformed constitution and democracy and our place in a post British empire world. That campaign has already started in this country’s nations, not just Scotland, and will be aided locally by organisations such as West Dorset for Europe. I’m looking forward to a new spirit of togetherness at their first post-Brexit public meeting. Let’s build the fight back with vigour and conviction.

Richard Denton-White

Mill Lane