RECENTLY, with gas works ongoing in Chickerell, I have regularly queued at temporary traffic lights, sometimes for over five minutes.

Given the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, could signs not be used to encourage drivers to turn off their engines?

It is in fact a common misconception that restarting the ignition uses more fuel than idling.

Perhaps the digital road signs could be used to inform drivers that idling engines contribute towards air pollution.

I imagine drivers feel a certain pressure to be poised and ready to move but restarting your engine takes mere seconds and should cause no delay.

Undoubtedly, if doing so were to be encouraged by the council, motorists would feel more at ease turning off their engines.

I suggest drivers use their own judgment; you can generally tell if you are likely to be stationary for enough time to warrant turning the engine off.

We are in the midst of a climate emergency and Dorset’s drivers could help make a difference.

We have to try!

Charlotte Beare

Northover Lane