FOLLOWING last week's publication of a photo showing submerged coaches at the Swannery, Weymouth, two Echo readers got in touch with some information.

John James, who has lived in Wyke Regis with his wife for 52 years, thinks the photograph was taken in the early 1950s. Then a pupil at Melcombe Regis School in Weymouth, he recalls being nine or 10 years old and bailing water out of his father's boat on his way home.

"I remember very, very heavy rain," John, who worked at Winfrith Atomic Energy Establishment for 40 years, says. "Radipole Lake flooded, the whole of the Park District flooded, and the water stayed around for a long while. It must have been around 1953 or 1954."

Alan Wolsey remembers the flooding being during the summer of 1955.

"I was seven years old," he recalls. "My family and I had been in Bournemouth, and had no idea of how bad it was in Weymouth until we arrived. It had rained and rained and rained. We got so far, then couldn't get any further."

Alan's father, who was a fireman, got the family into a boat and they rowed across the floodwater in order to get home. "The streets were awash," Alan says. "We went to my grandma's house in Clifton Place, and there must have been a foot, two feet, of water in her house. People were moving all their valuables."

As quickly as it arrived, the rain seemed to go; Alan remembers the floodwater dried up within a day or two.

Do you have any memories or images of flooding in Weymouth during the 1950s? If so, please get in touch.