I WOULD like to mention something that will probably be controversial but I think it needs to be said.

All along the sea wall, through Greenhill gardens and the Esplanade, The Nothe Gardens and Portland Promenade there are seats with memorial plaques attached.

Up to a point I have no problem with this (although if everyone did it all seats would be covered in them); but I think there should be a time limit of say six months or a year.

My main objection is to those who treat these seats as if they were a substitute grave or shrine and leave flowers, wreaths, poems, toys and other things attached to the seats.

On a sunny weekend in January we walked along the Esplanade at Portland and nearly every seat had a Christmas wreath or flowers.

There were quite a few people about and I’m sure some of them would have liked to sit down and look at the view along the Chesil but felt unable to do so because of the tributes, not wanting to sit on them or squash them.

Likewise there is a seat between the old pier bandstand and the clock which currently has a bunch of flowers at either end of the seat and a wreath in the middle and has had tributes placed on it for a long time, probably more than a year.

These seats are public seating for the enjoyment of everyone and I’m sure the deceased relatives would be horrified to think that the seat they had enjoyed sitting on was now “out of bounds” to others because it was being used as a memorial.

I understand that people wish to remember their loved ones but a public seat is not an appropriate place the lay wreaths.

Arrangements should have been made for a grave, or memorial plaque in a cemetery or at the crematorium where it is entirely suitable to leave tributes. Even on a hot day when all the other seats are occupied, this particular seat is not because people obviously feel very uncomfortable sitting on something that is being use in place of a grave. I think that the council officers in charge of the Esplanade should have the authority to remove these tributes or at the very least place them again the wall behind the seat so the seat can be used.

Before anyone says I am hard and insensitive, I am not.

Both my parent are dead. I miss them terribly. We all used to sit on a seat in Greenhill Gardens, but I would not dream of tying wreaths to it and nor would they have wanted me to.

They enjoyed sitting there and they would want others to do the same. They would not want me to make other people who would like to sit and enjoy the same view, feel embarrassed to sit there.