WORKERS in Dorset have been losing £20 worth of pay every for the last decade, according to a trade union.

The revelation was made last week during the launch of a new campaign group - 'Low Pay - No Way!' - which aims to tackle chronically low wages, insecure jobs and high living costs in the area. Around 50 trades unionists and community activists attended, the group said.

The campaign is a joint initiative between Dorset Trades Union Council and Weymouth and Portland Action on Wages (WeyPAW). The group has previously spoken out about low mobility and child poverty issues blighting the area.

As reported, in 2019 it was revealed that a third of Dorset’s children live in poverty, rising to 41 per cent in some areas of Weymouth and Portland.

Meanwhile, damning government statistics saw Weymouth and Portland ranked as England's worst area for social mobility.

Speaking at the Low Pay - No Way! launch event in Dorchester, Nigel Costley, regional secretary of South West TUC, said:

“In the decade since the recession, Dorset workers have lost £20 per week from their pay. The council should aim to make Dorset a Living Wage county by publicly planning to pay its staff the Real Living Wage, and working with Low Pay - No Way! to persuade other big local businesses to become living wage employers.

"If Bristol and Cornwall can do it, so can Dorset.”

Dorset Council recently defended its pay scale after it emerged that chief executive Matt Prosser is paid seven times more than the ‘average’ employee.

Campaigners say they have invited Dorset Council to work with trades unions to raise awareness of employment rights and initiate an action plan to close the gender pay gap.

Amanda Brown, joint secretary of Unison Dorset said: “Women are among the worst affected by poverty pay, with seasonal work, zero-hours contracts, jobs in care, retail and catering.

"In Dorset the gender pay gap has widened to 29 per cent over the last year - it’s just 8.9 per cent nationally.

"All workers should join trades unions and support the Low Pay - No Way! campaign.”

Campaigners will be lobbying a public meeting being held by Dorset Council on Tuesday, February 18, and the group is urging residents to attend.

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