WE REGULARLY enjoy walking on the foreshore at low tide taking the undercliff path from Bincleaves Green to Castle Cove Sailing Club, Weymouth.

We take satisfaction and pride in helping care for this lovely coastline by picking up rubbish along the way – sadly there is always some.

We were recently challenged with a shopping trolley on the rocks below Sandsfoot Castle – I guess it was pushed over the edge from the castle as it had been damaged and broken.

Even in two pieces it was heavy and awkward to carry across the rocks.

We managed to get the basket to the emergency bin at the bottom of the new Castle Cove steps and move the wheels above the high tide line, expecting to do a bit more on our next walk.

To our delight someone beat us to it though – THANK YOU! This is not the first time that rubbish has been moved on in this way.

It’s great to be part of an unseen community of people who are quietly getting on helping to keep our environment safe and attractive.

It is one of those never-ending jobs though so if you are heading out do tuck a bag in your pocket and join us.

Penny Quilter