POLICE seized the car of a man of a man who had been deemed unfit to drive because of a medical condition.

A spokesman for the force's No Excuse team said: "Whilst on route to Weymouth Police Station for a quick enquiry the automatic camera alerted part of the team to their first stop today.

"Driver states he has ignored DVLA letters and continued to drive anyway.

"He is unfit to drive due to medical grounds and because of this he struggles to control his vehicle.

"He now holds a revoked licence and the insurance company have cancelled his policy.

"The vehicle has been seized and driver has been reported to court.

"Hopefully he will successfully apply for his licence back in due course, once he seeks treatment for his illness and becomes a safe driver again.

"Everyone must be fit and capable to drive safely. If your not fit for whatever reason please don't drive!

"No matter what we are doing we will deal with any offences that come to our attention to keep the roads safe and enforce the law."