I HAVE been surprised and disappointed that no letters or comments have yet appeared in the Dorset Echo regarding the piece in Saturday’s edition, ‘Rail track to be removed’.

I am very aware that a number of people would welcome the idea of removing the lines from what is basically the whole of Commercial Road. Usually, people who seem unable to ride a bike properly.

However, there are two main considerations here.

First would be the cost. Your article states that it would cost many millions.

Well, considering how all aspects of council funding budgets are being cut it would seem foolish in the extreme to even contemplate such an idea.

Second, though and even more pertinent, why can’t our ‘council leaders’ think in a more positive way and make use of what would be a wonderful visitor attraction, a small train or tram. Not only would it be a big draw for visitors it could help solve a lot of our traffic problems.

There is ample room behind B&Q to build a double storey car park for a park and (train) ride.

Ban parking along the harbour, while the train is running, to allow more seating and overflow from cafes and restaurants along the route.

Instead of councillors first thoughts being to knock down or rip up or build hotels in inappropriate places, why not try to be more imaginative?

The trams still run in Blackpool and on a recent trip to Majorca a real draw was a train running from the station in the old town then all along the seafront.

It was both practical and an attraction.

Once you destroy the infrastructure of what was, you remove any hope of its return in the future. I’m thinking of the ferry terminal as well.

Weymouth (or Portland) is still the fastest route to the Channel Islands. Make use of the past to build the future, think positive.

John Liles