Residents are being warned to prepare for possible flooding across the west of Dorset.

Groundwater levels have risen across the county in response to recent and prolonged rainfall. These levels will continue to rise and flooding of fields and roads is expected.

Further rainfall is expected over the next few days and the groundwater level is anticipated to continue to rise as a result.

Properties with flood resilience measures are advised to install them now. Residents may experience problems flushing toilets and have issues with septic tanks.

Due to this flood alert, there are a number of flood warnings for rivers and tributaries across the county.

In the Weymouth area, a flood alert has been issued due to high river water levels being exacerbated by the groundwater levels.

As such, there is a possibility of flooding for the River Wey to Radipole Lake, Preston Brook and River Jordan.

River levels can rise very quickly in response to heavy rainfall so residents are being asked to avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses.

There are further flood warnings, meaning that flooding is expected, at the following locations:

  • Lower Frome from Dorchester to East Stoke
  • Groundwater flooding for the South Winterbourne Valley
  • River Piddle from Alton Pancras to Wareham
  • Groundwater flooding for the Bere Stream
  • Groundwater flooding for the North Winterborne, south of the A354
  • Groundwater flooding for the North Winterborne, north of the A354
  • Groundwater flooding for the Devils Brook
  • Groundwater flooding for the Piddle Valley
  • Groundwater flooding in the Cerne Valley
  • Groundwater flooding for the Sydling