Residents have been warned about rogue traders trying to cash in on the damage caused by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis.

Police in Dorset said they received a report of rogue traders persuading a 93-year-old man that his garden fence was damaged during the stormy weather and that they could repair it for him that day.

The men supposedly repaired the fence, but there is suspicion that the men may have caused this damage themselves in the first place to fool the homeowner. They then charged the elderly homeowner several hundred pounds which the victim felt obliged to give despite having no written contract. The victim drove to his bank to withdraw cash to pay the men and was even followed by the rogue's in their vehicle.

Following this incident, a police spokesperson is warning residents about rogue traders seeing opportunity in the aftermath of recent storms.

The spokesman said: "Whilst enquiries are ongoing into this particular incident we would like to take this opportunity to warn other local residents to beware of visits from cold callers following the storms that have hit the country over the past fortnight.

"After being hit by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis during the past two weekends, many residents may be making repairs to their properties. This type of weather can lead homeowners to receive calls from bogus traders, cold-calling householders with offers to repair fences, roofs, gutters and remove fallen trees.

"More often than not cold callers will pray on vulnerable householders with the work being offered usually being overpriced, unnecessary and unsafe.

"We would always advise you say no to cold callers and report anyone who is using pushy or aggressive sales tactics to the Citizen’s Advice Consumer Helpline 0344 245 1291.

"If cold callers become aggressive or refuse to leave call the police on emergency 999. "