Staff at a Dorset nursery have expressed their pride after receiving an 'Good' rating from Ofsted in a glowing report.

Bovington Nursery on Cox Close was inspected by the education watchdog on January 21 and the inspection report was published online.

The setting was graded 'Good' in quality of education, personal development, and leadership and management. The staff were particularly delighted that the nursery was graded 'Outstanding' in the behaviour and attitudes category.

In the report, inspectors wrote: "Staff prioritise children's mental health and emotional well-being, recognising that this underpins children's behaviour and their attitude to learning.

"Throughout the nursery, children are very happy, extremely busy and eager to learn.

"Even young children learn to manage their feelings and will take themselves off to the 'chill out zone' if they want to calm down.

"Children show by their attitudes and their response to their friends and to adults that they feel secure and safe in this welcoming nursery."

The report also detailed the nursery's commitment to physical education and making this fun for young children: "Older children take part in the 'mile a day' challenge with great enthusiasm.

"Children chat to each other and to staff as they walk. They move in different ways, walking, running, skipping or moving like a crab. They get warm after a few laps, taking off their coats and hats.

"They look at each other, noticing how their cheeks are pink and their hearts are beating faster. Children explain, 'I like walking. It makes me smile and now mummy and I go for more walks.'"

The nursery manager was described as "ambitious and committed" by inspectors and they noted how she valued and supported her staff.

A spokesperson for the nursery said: "Bovington Nursery have recently had their Ofsted inspection been graded 'good' with an 'outstanding' in behaviours and attitudes.

"The whole team are proud of their achievement. Excellent and exemplary are some of the words by the inspector."

Ofsted gave the nursery two points to improve on. These were to help the children understand that some people speak languages other than English to communicate and to make sure there is less clutter in the babies' room.