A CAMPAIGNING comic will bring his brand new comedy show to Dorchester Corn Exchange on Wednesday, February 26.

Mark Thomas presents 50 Things About Us, a show which combines his signature blend of storytelling, stand-up, and mischief.

In an attempt to discover how society ended up as it is today, Mark muddles through the myths, facts and figures of our national identities to ask how who we really think we are. In the vein of a manifesto meet sweary history channel, the show features everything from money and songs to money, wigs, and unicorns.

Mark comments: "I have been doing this for 34 years. I have gone from stand-up to theatre and half way back again. It’s another slightly odd show... If you’ve seen my shows before, this one is going to be similar to 100 Acts of Minor Dissent."

50 Things About Us is also a podcast, as of October 2019, and a book set to published later this month.

Mark's gig begins at 8pm. Contact Dorchester Arts for tickets.