TWELVE brave survivors of domestic violence are to share their stories in a forthcoming book by a Weymouth author.

'Giving Women A Voice' will feature stories by women from the UK, USA, and Malta, and is being compiled by mum of six Donna Pace - herself an abuse survivor.

Donna said the co-authors have all endured 'horrendous' physical and psychological abuse at the hands of someone who they thought loved them. She is compiling the anthology to raise awareness of the signs of domestic abuse and offer hope to others who are affected by letting them know they are not alone.

The contributors - who are of a wide range of ages, ethnicities and religions - are united by their shared goal, of giving a voice to those who have been suppressed for far too long.

Donna Pace said: "As a survivor myself, I can relate to the wealth of emotions that many victims of domestic violence have ruminating in their heads, 24/7 - feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness, low self-esteem and/or fear.

"I do not believe that anyone should suffer at the hands of another human being - no woman, man or child."

She is raising awareness about the book ahead of International Women's day on March 8, and has launched a crowdfunder to fund its publication, with the aim of going to print in April this year.

"This book has been 19 months in the making, and at times, I have felt like giving up," Donna added. "It is no easy task taking on such a huge undertaking single-handedly, but I am determined in my quest to become a Lighthouse - to shine a beacon of light to other women, to let them know that they are not alone in their suffering, and that there is another woman in the world hearing her call."

No stranger to the written word, the Weymouth resident has previously published a book about the challenges she has overcome, which include the tragic loss of one of her children to Leukaemia.

She has appeared at international events as a guest speaker and in 2019 picked up a Successful Women in Business Award for 'Overcoming adversity.'

To find out more about the book or contribute to the crowdfunder visit