What a wonderful letter from John Liles (Dorset Echo, Thursday Feb 20). If only our councillors were of the same mindset.

Whilst Dorset Council is complaining of a shortage of funds, they are prepared to waste money on a frivolous project like the removal of the rail track around the quay.

What exactly will be gained by its removal? The rail track is a feature of Weymouth, (rather like Weymouth’s necklace was), a historical reminder of days gone by. Last year Dorset Council Tax was the second highest in the country. After the rumoured increase this year, presumably it could become the highest in the country.

In the meantime, the local area has the lowest earners in the country. I would have expected our councillors to be addressing this anomaly by avoiding frivolous unnecessary projects like the removal of the quay rail track.

M Haldane

The Esplanade