I USE the post office in Weymouth town centre regularly, popping in there two or three times a week.

The staff are friendly and helpful, the customers are generally okay, except on one occasion recently.

There was no queue when myself and an elderly lady behind me went up to the area where you queue.

The elderly lady, not realising that you are suppose to wait until a counter number had been called, although the staff member was ready to serve, went straight up to the next counter that was being used after I went to my counter.

So she had to backtrack by which time there were three more people in the queue.

Unfortunately for the lady, a woman in the queue decided to turn nasty, despite me saying that the lady had actually been behind me in the queue originally and that both myself and the post office lady who was dealing with my parcels were witnesses. The woman didn’t believe us and told the lady to go to the back of the queue.

However much we politely told the woman that the lady was telling the truth, the woman would not have it an was extremely rude to the elderly lady.

I doubt she would had still believed us if she saw the evidence on CCTV. She showed total disrespect.

The post office worker told me it is a daily occurrence dealing with bad mannered customers.

There is no need for it, whether you are in a shop, bank, post office.

Show respect to those around you. If you have a genuine problem then ask to speak to the manager. Those workers are providing a service.

If you don’t like the town centre post office then go to another one in Weymouth, but please do not attack other customers.

There is a campaign going around about being kind to each other. I suggest that woman gets some being kindness lessons. If she had been related to me I would be thoroughly ashamed of her.

Maria Figes

East Street