IN a recent television interview, the Duchess of Rutland said that pheasant deserved a bigger place on UK menus.

Speaking about her opposition to the opening of a McDonald's in Rutland, the duchess said she would feel better about the prospect if pheasant was on offer in the fast food chain.

"A pheasant is the cheapest food of all," Emma Manners said. "It's clean food. We are desperately looking for a market for our game in this country - it's a big issue."

At present, most of the game produced in the UK gets shipped abroad. Food producer Wild and Game was founded with the aim of addressing this issue head on, working to create a market for the meat in the UK by reimagining some of the nation's favourite dishes with wild game at their centre.

Co-founder Steven Frampton said: "We welcome the comments from the Duchess of Rutland. The underconsumption of game in the UK really is a big issue, and one that needs to be addressed. Game is plentiful in the UK. It’s sustainable, healthy and delicious, and just the type of home-produced food we should be championing. We’re delighted with the success we’ve had so far and have big plans for 2020, including the launch of some superb new products."

Wild and Game’s products have already won awards, and their range is expanding regularly. Its most recent additions include two premium pies: chicken, pheasant and mushroom, and steak, pheasant and ale.

The company aims is to make game a regular fixture in the UK’s supermarkets and has recently had its first products listed with Ocado.

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Pot roast pheasant with mushrooms

Serves 2-4


2 Wild and Game pheasants

3 rashers cooking pancetta or streaky bacon, chopped

Chopped shallot – 1 large or two small

6 tbsp double cream

1 tbsp honey

1 glass white wine

150g mushrooms, sliced

1 litre chicken stock

2 cloves garlic

1 pinch dried mixed herbs

1 tbsp olive oil

1 knob butter


Pre-heat the oven to Gas 4/180 degrees centigrade

1. Heat the butter and olive oil in a large hob-to-oven casserole dish

2. Add the pheasants and cook for a few minutes until browned, then remove

3. Add the pancetta, shallot and mushroom and cook until softened

4. Add the herbs and garlic and cook for a few more minutes

5. Add the pheasants, stock and wine

6. Transfer to the oven and cook for 1.5 hours

7. Remove the pot from the oven, take out the pheasants and stir the cream and honey into the sauce.

8. Let the pheasants rest for about 10 minutes then serve with the sauce and vegetables of your choice.