Having had probably the wettest February most of us can remember, what I am about to tell you won’t be much comfort to those poor folk north of us whose homes are still under water.

February has the reputation of being ‘February Fill-Dyke’ and it has certainly lived up to that this year.

However, this was not the case some years ago. We lived on a farm off the Old Roman Road, north of Winterborne Abbas.

For about 25 years I kept a rainfall record and in 1980 or round about there, one February for the whole month, we had not one drop of rain or one flake of snow. It was bitterly cold with a permanent hard frost and, with no cover of snow to protect it, many acres of winter corn was decimated by the bitter winds and had to be replanted in the spring.

Having kept records for 300 months it was the only month when there was no precipitation at all to record.

Peter Crowter