We read in the press that the number 6 bus service from Bridport and Beaminster to Crewkerne is ceasing to operate from May 1.

This will obviously mean there will be a very scant and difficult, almost impossible way for passengers to get to Yeovil and beyond (at the moment the change at Crewkerne from one service to the next is to say the least very difficult).

When Damory was running the service it ran at the right times with friendly staff enabling passengers to connect with the outside world.

The ‘First Group’ have a near monopoly on transport from London to the West Country, running the Great Western Railway from Paddington and the South Western Railway from Waterloo, together with running most of the rural bus routes in this part of the West Country.

It is high time that other companies have the chance to compete and provide services for our communities.

In our local case, I would appeal to our elected councillors and council officials to bring back a local company, Damory and re-instate the through service to Yeovil as we had before.

Douglas Beazer