WE SEEM to have an impasse at present with the activist (Greta Thunberg) spouting the importance of climate change, measures we should all be taking and the majority either ignoring the messages put out by the activist or paying lip service.

By this, I mean large rallies being organised where massive crowds attend and nothing changes, like in Bristol the damage to parks where the grass was trampled to a brown mush, not to mention the rubbish left mostly from food packaging, placards and drinks containers.

We still have a throwaway society where many need to update various pieces of equipment like mobile phones. What isn’t thought of is the cost of production, use of continual raw goods, disposal of used goods!

Behaviour is something which is difficult to change according to psychologists. So many of us will continue living our lives as we have always done, manufacturers will continue to do multi packaging for a variety of goods even though we have been promised different!

Yes we still have a way to go to the deadline but I suspect there will be excuses and exemptions why things aren’t done.

The government continue to press for more houses to be built, more concrete stopping drainage, but is anyone monitoring who the houses built are for? Or where they are being built? It’s often left to the homeowners to clear up from floods especially which many have experienced this last winter.

This is an over simplified picture of what is happening and only my views but I do think we should be taking steps to change our world, reduce the need for new manufactured goods.

Other countries should make changes as well as us - packaging should be reduced, greater monitoring of new builds and who they are for - from councils, MPs to ministers. I want to leave something for my granddaughter and her generation, not to be blamed for the continual mess.

Action, not rallies, are what is needed.

Heather Robinson

Bridport Road