WHILST l applaud what supermarkets are trying to do, albeit belatedly, regarding stockpiling so far there is no evidence of it working.

My husband (over 70 & with an underlying health condition) has been doing the shopping, as l, although much younger, have more serious health problems than him, so am currently self isolating, since my last op just over a week ago.

Then there’s my mother, over 80 and with health problems and with nobody to help her out (her friends are self isolating), shopping for herself in Victoria Park where she lives, down to her last three toilet rolls and unable to get any more.

I gave a friend a short list of items to get this morning, including toilet rolls, kitchen roll, disinfectant spray, biscuits, chocolate and antihistamine and she couldn’t get a single one.

What is wrong with people?

Think of people other than yourselves and stop it!

Louise Crocker

Bridport Rd