The Sandbanks Ferry Company, which runs the chain ferry service between Studland and Poole, has announced that it will be temporarily withdrawing its service to foot passengers, bicycles & motorcycles.

From today, the ferry will only carry cars, buses, goods vehicles and emergency vehicles.

The change in service has been introduced in response to the current coronavirus health crisis to support social distancing guidance. This move is in addition to previous advice given by the ferry company to passengers to be mindful of maintaining distance and to observe hygiene precautions when travelling.

Mike Kean, Managing Director of the Sandbanks Ferry Company, said: “Our immediate priority is to take steps to maintain a regular ferry service for those who will depend upon it in the coming days and weeks, such as emergency vehicles, key workers and delivery vehicles.

“We fully support the Government advice on avoiding non-essential travel, and believe that closing our doors temporarily to foot passengers and cyclists – nearly all of which are leisure-related – will help to limit the exposure of our staff to infection and in turn keep the ferry service operating to our regular schedule.”

The ferry company also reinforced its advice to motorised traffic to consider social distancing when travelling aboard the ferry.