Four-year-old twins have painted pictures for their great-grandmother to enjoy whilst she is self-isolating due to coronavirus.

Ellie and Freya Ball, from Weymouth, painted pictures of rainbows and the sun for their great-grandma as those are things that make them both feel happy.

Audrey Cottrell, 89, has lived alone since she lost her husband three years ago. Her great-granddaughters were worried about her being frightened on her own and wanted to bring her some comfort.

The twins’ mother, Samantha Ball, said: “It’s a little gesture of happiness as we are not allowed to have physical contact with those we love we wanted her to know we think of her everyday.

“We have also been Skyping everyday but the girls wanted to make pictures for their great nanny as she is such a massive part of their life and they cannot understand why they cant see her.”

She added that the girls had drawn the pictures for their great-grandma, “to cheer her up and keep her safe”.

The idea to draw happy pictures came from Samantha’s husband, Matthew Ball. He saw similar drawings on social media and encouraged the girls to stick pictures up in their own home so that people could see them and smile when they walked by. He helped the twins paint a picture of a rainbow with the caption ‘keep smiling’ onto the inside of the window in their lounge.

Mrs Cottrell was thrilled with the pictures when they were posted through her letterbox and immediately stuck them in the window of the front room in her house for passers-by to see.She wrote her own note to stick alongside the drawings which says ‘These pictures are from my lovely twin great-

granddaughters (aged four) to keep me safe and happy’.

Samantha said: “She loves all the drawings etc she gets given during the year but these pictures were

extra special.

She added: “I hope this makes you and others smile when they see it during these strange and unpredictable times we are living at present.”