TIPS in Dorset have been closed until further notice to comply with the latest Government instructions on self isolating and staying away from those outside your household.

Dorset Council announced the closure of all Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday night.

Regular kerbside collections will continue to take place for the time being.

Cllr Tony Alford, Dorset Council’s portfolio holder for customer, community and regulatory services, said: “We understand that the closure of our household recycling

centres will place pressure on our kerbside services, but we have to follow central government public health measures.

“Visits to HRCs are not covered in the list of reasons for people to leave their homes.”

Cllr Alford added: “We want to keep our usual kerbside waste collections going for as long as possible, but we’re anticipating challenges in resourcing this service as the coronavirus situation continues and are prepared to make changes if the system starts to strain.

“To help avoid this, Dorset residents should recycle correctly, minimise the waste they produce and

observe health guidance if they have symptoms of COVID-19. Help us to help you.”

Dorset Council has issued information on how residents can do their part to reduce the pressure on the kerbside collection service.

These measures include minimising waste where possible, not creating excess waste which would usually be taken to an HRC and if you have any coronavirus symptoms making sure to double-bag your waste and storing it safely for 72 hours before leaving it in your wheelie bin or authorised blue sack.

Cllr Alford added: “I want to thank everyone for playing their part in helping us keep these vital services going and to our front-line workers who are working hard to ensure everyone’s waste continues to be dealt with safely and responsibly.”

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