SUMMER smells from rubbish lorries might be a nuisance for the occupants of new homes in Chestnut Way, Dorchester according to neighbours.

Magna Housing has asked for permission to demolish a row of garages in the road and build four homes on the site.

In a letters of objection to Dorset Council several neighbours warned of the smell from dustcarts in the summer which are parked to the rear of the site on the industrial estate. There are also letters warning that there is a need to ensure that the sewage system in the area is able to cope with the additional homes as there has been problems with raw sewage flooding nearby roads at times.

“The smell from refuse vehicles is disgusting, particularly in hot weather, and refuse vehicles are parked just over the northern border of this site. The proposed houses will be adjacent to this border,” said one letter of objection. Another warned of diesel fumes from the dustcarts as drivers leave the vehicles running to warm them up in the early hours of the morning, especially in winter.

Dorchester Town Council, in its comments, has raised no objection to the proposal, welcoming the number of parking spaces planned and the retention of existing trees. It has also asked that Magna considers incorporating renewable energy technology into the new homes, if possible.

Magna Housing says it wants to demolish garages opposite existing homes in Chestnut Way and build two 3-bed houses, one 2-bed and one 1-bed with parking on site for 11 cars. The existing site has space for 25.

The three-bed house is proposed to be shared ownership with the remainder described as being for affordable rent.

The site backs on to one of the town’s industrial estates with a warning in the application papers than some of the land under the garages may be contaminated, which will need to be checked if permission is given for the development.

A decision is expected to be made by a planning officer under delegated powers.