Dorset erupted with a huge sound of applause last night as people came to their doors, windows, balconies and gardens to clap for the NHS. 

It was part of a national campaign to #ClapforOurCarers - and say 'thank you' to the NHS as they work tirelessly during the coronavirus pandemic. 

And Dorset did itself proud, with incredible responses all over the county. 

We put out a call for your videos and to let us know if your street took part - and you didn't let us down. 

One reader said: "There was a lovely turn out here at Southill Weymouth. You could hear people clapping all around the estate, wonderful to hear so many saying 'thank you' to NHS. My eyes held the tears with a lump in my throat. Should be held every week to help them through."

Another said:"We were out in Fordington - proud to be part of it."

One reader said: "Such an emotional and proud moment! Thankful for our NHS staff and thankful for the amazing staff team working every day in my care home in Dorchester!"

Tracey Jarvis said it was 'very emotional' and Gary Seal said Chickerell 'smashed it.' 

Julie Pritchard, Jamie Pritchard and Rebekka Pritchard from Portland, pictured above, all clapped in support. 

Clapping and cheering was heard across Bridport, and in Dorchester, town crier Alistair Chisholm rose to the occasion, bellowing a special cry in full regalia. 

Mr Chisholm said: "There were a lot of people and I’m sure there were all over the town and in towns and villages all over the country. It was a very bright idea.

"We are all absolutely dependant on the NHS staff and carers so the staff need to get noticed more often.

"If nothing else happens as a result of this crisis I hope it will make all of us appreciate the NHS more and everything they do.

"I think it is respect really, it’s not just a matter of saying thank you because behind that thank you – which is very well deserved by the way at any time and particularly now – there’s this layer of respect for these people.

"That’s what makes the world go round and people need to be reminded of that.

"People need to show their respect and appreciation for the people who are all too frequently taken for granted."

The clockface of the Jubilee Clock in Weymouth turned blue at 8pm to pay tribute.

Weymouth Town Council turned the clock blue at the same time as other landmarks and buildings up and down the country, including Wembley Stadium, in turning blue to support the campaign.

Dorset Echo:

The blue light on the clock will shine a light on the incredible people working for the NHS and will remain blue for the foreseeable future.

Graham Winter, Mayor of Weymouth, said: “I am delighted that we are able to show our support for the NHS during what is a very challenging time for everyone.

"It’s important that we come together as a community to show our appreciation to those on the frontline.

“I would also like to thank all other key workers for their incredible efforts to keep the country running.

"Millions of brave people continue to work in a variety of roles to the support the country; Weymouth Town Council would like to express their gratitude to all of these individuals.”