POLICE stopped a couple out for a walk in Lulworth who said they had travelled from Reading.

The Purbeck Police officers also stopped two motorists who just got off the chain ferry and were ‘out for a drive’ and sent them straight back on the ferry.

The officers were conducting roadside stop checks in Studland. One driver told them they “came for a drive”, while another said the “wanted to have a drive out of their area”.

A post on Purbeck Police’s Facebook page said: “We dealt with them robustly and they were sent straight back on the ferry that they had just come to Studland on with several other vehicles that we also turned around.

“We have been dealing with the public positively, one couple who we stopped had come from Reading for a walk!”

Before completing their shift, the officers dealt with others who were out when they shouldn’t be “robustly” and also conducted licence checks.