HEALTHCARE workers in Weymouth responded to the country 'clapping for their carers' by performing a dance to say thank you.

At 8pm on Thursday, households across the UK including in Dorset stood on their doorsteps and balconies and applauded the efforts of the NHS and care workers in treating those affected by COVID-19.

Mark Phillipps is a healthcare assistant at the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) in Weymouth. He said that the staff heard people showing their appreciation for the NHS and wanted to say thank you.

He said: "After feeling overwhelmed by the round of applause from the public for the NHS, us over at Weymouth UTC have said thank you in our own little way.

"Everyone thought it was amazing how every part of the country came together to do this. A lot of staff said it was emotional and we think it went a long way to boost staff morale.

"It was nice to let our hair down for a few minutes to spread a little joy back especially in such uncertain times.

"We thought it would be nice to send something back to everyone who clapped for the NHS on Thursday."