Residents struggling financially during the coronavirus crisis and wondering how they will be able to pay their council tax are reminded they can contact Dorset Council for advice.

It is stressed there isn't a 'one size fits all’ answer - discuss your particular circumstances with council tax team to find the best solution.

Dorset Council says council tax payments cannot just be cancelled at this time as it pays for essential services, including support for vulnerable people and bin collections, as well as for police and fire services.

Help has been made available for the most vulnerable struggling to pay as part of the Government’s Covid-19 Hardship Fund. A total of £2.6m has been allocated to Dorset.

This funding is to firstly allow working age residents who already receive council tax support to receive a further discount. Any remaining funds will be allocated to the most in need.

If your financial circumstances have changed over recent weeks and you have difficulty paying call 01305 211970 or email (for west and south Dorset) or call 0345 034 4569 and email (north and east Dorset).

The team is receiving a large number of calls and ask people to bear with them. Email your enquiry if you are unable to hold.

If you think you may qualify for council tax support visit or call the team.