A couple got married amid the coronavirus crisis in what they are calling 'the fastest wedding in the west'.

GP trainee Emily Woodcock, 32, and hydrographic surveyor, Stuart Leaky, 39, got married just hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson banned all wedding ceremonies.

The couple were originally due to get married in June but pushed their wedding date forward once they realised that the COVID-19 outbreak would prevent them from keeping their planned date.

Mrs Leaky said: "I was not going to let coronavirus stop me from getting married.

"We asked ourselves how we were going to do it and we spoke to our reverend and then, suddenly, we had less than two days notice before we got married."

The couple, who live in East Knighton near Dorchester, already had their rings but Mrs Leaky's dress had not yet been adjusted so she borrowed a fur jacket from a neighbour to cover up the top of her gown.

They got married at St Christopher's Church in Winfrith Newburgh last Monday.

Mr Leaky said, "Even though the church was empty it was very intimate and it was nice because of that. We made it as special as we could.

"The reverend was so lovely and really went out of his way to make the most of it for us."

The couple are planning on having a blessing and a party involving all of their friends and family in June 2021 and are pleased to get to spend an extra year saving up for their celebration.

Mr Leaky added: "They say you only get to do it once but we get to do it twice!"

Despite not being allowed any guests at their wedding due to fears of coronavirus spreading, the couple were joined by some police officers as they left the church.

The police were on patrol and stopped to offer their congratulations and to give Mr Leaky the opportunity to put his bride in handcuffs. He politely declined.

For now the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon under the current lockdown rules, but they hope to go and see the Northern Lights once travel restrictions have been lifted.

The couple were proud to have made the best out of the situation they had found themselves in.

Mrs Leaky added: "We love that we have done this and at a time when things are so sad I'm so happy to share it."