A woman has been injured after falling down a cliff - and coastguards say it 'beggars belief' that a man - who should have been at home - stood and filmed them rescuing her while she was in 'excruciating' pain.

Wyke Regis and Portland Bill coastguard rescue teams were called to Pirates Lane, Wyke Regis, just before 8.30pm on Sunday by a woman who had dialled 999 after slipping down a cliff.

They found her soon after arriving at the scene, where she was sitting on a small bank.

She said she was in 'excruciating' pain and paramedics were immediately requested to attend and provide the required care before taking her home.

But, according to coastguard officers, a man appeared and began filming the rescue. 

A spokesman for the Wyke Regis team said: "As a team, we are here to respond to our pagers - in any weather, day or night under any circumstances - we don't judge.

"But the 50ish-year-old male that appeared out of the dark whilst we were dealing with our casualty and started filming the sensitive incident beggars belief. Especially under the current Government 'stay at home' guidelines.

"He refused to stop filming, refused to leave and was uncooperative and ill-mannered. The police were called but unfortunately were unable to speak to him.

"Never a dull moment but we were all left with a slightly bitter taste last night."

Police attended but the man had left the area.