Parents are being reminded to keep their children at home - or face fines - after police received numerous reports of anti-social behaviour.

Weymouth Neighbourhood Policing Team received reports overnight of anti-social behaviour and breaches of the Government's rules in relation to coronavirus at The Marsh playing fields.

A spokesman for the team said: "We would like to remind the public and parents to keep your children in and to avoid them meeting up in large gatherings.

"Not only is this a breach of the Covid-19 guidelines, this can put your children and others safety at risk. We will also be enforcing fines to parents for children we find in large gatherings.

"We will be continuing to patrol the area during our shifts."

Dorset Police's Rural Crime Team says officers will be out at a number of beauty spots across Dorset today, challenging anyone who appears to be contravening advice.

They will be asking people why they are out and about and placing letters on cars.

A spokesman said: "We are well aware that you may have a legitimate reason to be out but we do have to ask the questions to make sure that. For all those we have met so far, thanks for all the smiles, thank yous and laughs.

"Thanks to all the invisible heroes out there doing their bit. To those who are contravening the guidance please be patient, we understand nobody want to be indoors. Remember it’s not just yourself your protecting from the virus but every other person you may be coming in contact with."