RESIDENTS at a street in Weymouth have been getting their groove on at a social distancing street party hosted by a local DJ.

Entertainer Caleb Morris hosted the 'social dis-co' whilst keeping a safe distance at Hardy Avenue - and has also lit his house in neon lights in a special tribute to the NHS.

Safety was paramount for guests at the Saturday night party, who were advised to stay within their gardens and households whilst enjoying the music, provided by Mr Morris' mobile disco business, 'Calebrations Roadshow'.

The street party went on for a few hours and went ahead after neighbours gave permission via a social messaging site.

Mr Morris said he chose Hardy Avenue because the cul-de-sac has an active community and is near to his house at Pye Hill.

He now plans to host more street parties after receiving a positive response, to raise money for Dorset County Hospital's coronavirus fund.

Resident Jade Munden said: “I feel it’s important we do things like this to keep us all happy. Caleb repeated the government guidelines to stay two metres apart and stick with your family members. (The party) was a reminder to remember we are all in this together.”

Mr Morris also lit the front of his house in a heartfelt tribute to key workers during the national Thursday evening 'clap for the NHS'.

Caleb Morris said: “Community spirit is exceptionally important in times like these. Working as an entertainer is difficult at the moment but it doesn’t mean that I can stop making people smile.

“The NHS is exceptionally important to all of us. Like many, I am highly appreciative of the hard work their staff do and am thankful that even during this awful time, they are our guiding light.

It only seems right that we share our own light as a symbol of our support for them.”

Caleb will also host discos from his garden, encouraging people to get some fresh air and have a boogie whilst staying the safety of their own gardens.

He added: "A big thank you goes out to all of the residents for being such good sports and I look forward to continuing to make people smile.”

To find out more about his project visit or donate to the fundraiser at