Dog walkers are urged to be vigilant as there has been an increase in adder sightings.

Dave Cumber Vets says it has received a number of reports of adder sightings, particularly around the Fleet area.

Although it's not uncommon to see them at this time of year, adder bites are a medical emergency and can be fatal.

The vets said: "As the warm weather continues we encourage you to be vigilant during your daily dog walk."

If you believe your dog has been bitten, you should contact your veterinary surgery to let vets know you are on your way and they can arrange to take your dog into their care.

If your dog is bitten, advice is to:

- Try and keep the dog as calm and still as possible

- Try to prevent the dog from walking

- Go straight to your vet

- Do not interfere with the wound or tie any sort of tourniquet because there is a danger of tissue damage around the bite

Adders hibernate over winter and emerge in spring; this is when the likelihood of being bitten is highest.

The snakes often bask in the sun and inquisitive dogs that stumble upon them are most often bitten around the face, muzzle and front paws.