Easter brings new life. This year however we cannot relax our guard. It is vital that everyone sticks to the message of not going out, unless for good reasons.

The main contact for suspected Covid-19 remains NHS 111, online or by phone for anyone with fever above 37.8 or a new persistent cough. In support of Hospitals General Practices in the area are moving to 7 day working. We will now treating bank holidays as normal working days.

Whilst our focus is on the coronavirus we need to remain alert for other illnesses. We still need to spot cancer and pick up appendicitis. So if anyone gets a worrying lump ; still make contact with your surgery. This is particularly important with children who if they get Covid-19 are not usually that sick. So if your child is quite unwell and not getting better it is still worth contacting the surgery to get some advice from your GP. They will decide with you how to help. Have your mobile to hand as GPs may send you a link to activate your camera remotely to view your child. There will be a daily clinic throughout the Easter break and onwards if GP determines you need to be seen.

Hopefully very soon we will catch up for lost time and join other advanced nations with widespread testing. To really turn the tide we look forward to mass community testing beyond Hospitals. The World Health Organisation has strong scientific advice on how to identify patients, trace contacts, isolate to break the chain of transmission and stop the spread, rather than just slow it. Then we can relax the lockdown.

In the meantime, despite the warmer weather; stay in and stay safe.

Dr Jon Orrell

Royal Crescent Surgery

Crescent Street