A WEYMOUTH family have decorated their front wall with a rainbow and the letters 'NHS' to boost morale in the community and show their support for frontline workers.

The Me-in family, who live in Radipole Lane, have used chalk to colour in each brick on their front wall to give it a rainbow effect and have put 'NHS' in the centre of their masterpiece.

Melanie Me-in, a teaching assistant at St Augustine's Primary School, said: "We found loads of chalk in the attic, got it down and I thought we should do something with it and have a rainbow theme but my husband went one better and said we should put "NHS" in the middle.

"We had already done two rainbow pictures and put them in our window so we thought we could make it a bit more effective and colour the wall.

"We wanted to put more than just the NHS in the middle of the wall. We know there are more frontline workers, but we couldn't fit any others in.

"It took about two and a half hours - my husband did the "NHS" and the kids did the rainbow."

Mrs Me-in's three children, Lucy, 20, Jack, 12, and Scarlett, nine, all pitched in to help their dad, Scott, 48, decorate the wall while their mum kept them fed and watered and took pictures.

Mrs Me-in, 41, said: "We support the NHS for what they are doing and putting themselves in a frontline position because it can't be easy for them knowing they've got families at home as well that they have to go back to.

"We also wanted to support the people in the hospitals that are unable to see their families and are having to rely on the love and care of the NHS workers.

"We want to give the vulnerable people a boost too."

Weymouth and Portland Police stopped by to have a look at the wall and to take some photos, giving the Me-in family quite the scare.

Mrs Me-in said: "When the police pulled up we thought we were going to get in trouble for graffiti! Luckily they just wanted to take some photos and put it on their social media."

The photo that the police uploaded to their Facebook page has already had almost 700 likes from people in the community that appreciate what the Me-in family have done.

Mrs Me-in said: "We have had people congratulating us on our efforts as they walk past and cars beeping their horns and winding down their windows to offer us support.

"Keeping the morale up is the only thing you can keep doing right now.

"It's not just about keeping morale up in our own homes, it is for the whole community."