A WEYMOUTH company is manufacturing ventilator parts to support the NHS.

FGP Systems is an engineering company based on the Granby Industrial Estate which manufacturers solutions for the aerospace industry.

Last week they joined a project run by Rolls Royce to manufacture ventilator parts to help support the NHS.

Nigel Pitman, Managing Director of FGP Systems, said: "I was contacted by the CEO of the British Engine Group and asked if we would mind manufacturing some products for the Rolls Royce collaboration for the new ventilators.

"There are multiple different projects and supply chains offering up different products to support the NHS in this hour of need."

FGP Systems has three sites, one in Weymouth and two in Yeovil. The Weymouth site employs about 130 people who are working hard on managing the workload of manufacturing aerospace equipment as well as ventilator parts.

Mr Pitman said: "This is a new field for us but obviously the aerospace industry is heavily governed and accredited so we have high standards.

"So whether it is the medical industry or the aerospace industry, we can support either so it isn't too much of a change for us.

"A lot of our products will go to the armed forces so we need to keep them supported as well."

FGP Systems registered themselves with the government website to offer their manufacturing services during the coronavirus outbreak, however, they were not expecting to be called upon so quickly.

Mr Pitman said: "We were expecting the call at some point, but not quite as soon as we received it. We thought that it would be next week rather than last week.

"The workforce is doing a great job in these unprecedented circumstances but we can't play the victim, we just have to carry on.

"It is the Great British spirit. When people see what needs to be done they step up.

"We have had people doing double shifts to support the efforts to help fight coronavirus and everybody has stepped up and is doing a great job. Morale is high."

FGP Systems have a 3D printer on site and have also registered to manufacture facemasks if the Government requires them to.

They have not yet been called upon to do so but have said that they will step up if they are needed.

"It is important we do everything we can do as a manufacturing company to support our friends in the NHS as they put their lives on the line for us.

"It is a scary but heartwarming story seeing everyone open up their supply chains to help the country where they can. It is what the Great British people are good at doing."