Are cyclists exempt from the current rules governing the country? It would seem so.

It is incredibly frustrating that despite government rulings stating what reasons you may leave your home for it seems that cyclists believe they are above the law.

We are witnessing a huge increase in cyclists at our remote location.

The cyclists love to rest on the gates and drink before going on their way carrying the germs and virus that others have left for them.

We are not 'on the way' to anywhere and these cyclist are not local to their home.

Why do they feel that they are exempt from the rules and are allowed to potentially spread this horrid virus to those of us who don't want it.

It's about time they started doing as they are told.

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* We would like to make clear that there is no specific government rule on how far someone can travel for their daily exercise. However, people are encouraged to stay close to home and avoid coastal and rural beauty spots. Cyclists should not travel in non-family groups.